Quantum Graphics has told a delicious new story.

Small meat dumplings of the highest quality have received a bright unusual design and are already available in stores.

Shelf-2000 company rebrands TM Myasnushki pelmeni. At the moment, the line is represented by two positions: “From beef and pork” and “From selected beef”, but a product-line expansion is expected soon. Pelmeni are a 100% natural product of quality meat and additional ingredients. Pelmeni are small and have a traditional shape.

The Quantum Graphics agency told a story about a traditional butcher that is every housewife dream. After all, only such an acquaintance guarantees that you will be offered the best piece at a bargain price. The line is made in premium colors: black and golden. These colors are unexpectedly combined with playful, sketchy illustrations that shows the special chic and simplicity of the idea of buying meat from a familiar and trusted butcher.

On the packaging, we see our hero with a butcher knife, a dashing mustache and rolled up sleeves. He is big, serious, kind and very charismatic. Below is a scene from his butcher’s shop, which hints at the importance of reputation andquality assurance of selected ingredients, magical family recipes and personal responsibility for the product.

Bon appetit!