The goal:

Due to the creation of a sub-brand, differentiate and profitably highlight a product line. Enhance the identity of Scarlett brand as a specialist in the Beauty and Health category.

Any modern woman wants to look beautiful and well-coiffed. But not everyone has the necessary time and the appropriate budget for regular visits to the beauty salon. The Scarlett Vita Spa subbrand was created in order to solve this problem, to create an opportunity to carry out salon procedures at home, while saving time and money. A distinctive feature of the design concept was the opposition to the usual rigor of package design of the umbrella brand Scarlett. The design is based on soothing colors and smooth shapes. The spa-mood is supported by delicate patterns in the form of an ornament and the corresponding elements in the grocery zone – flower petals, candles, stones for massage and so on. They also serve as the elements of differentiation. Elaborate printing effects give the package brightness and luxury. They enhance the emotional benefits of the brand, prompting the customers to make the purchase of goods from this line as a gift.

As a result of the work on the packaging design, we developed a brand book with a description of instructions for using the visual elements of the brand identity. The brand book also includes layout templates for printed products with which the product is completed, and templates for promotional materials. We developed a slogan for the sub-brand- SPAsibo! (Meaning Thank you! in Russian). In the course of working on promotional materials, it transformed into a more detailed version of “Your body and soul will tell you SPAsibo!”, but it did not lose its flexibility – in future, with the development of a sub-brand, it can be adapted for other phrases or left in its original short form.