The development of a creative platform for the launch and further support of the updated loyalty program OZON Status.

Updating the loyalty program mechanics is a delicate process. Having announced the start of the new program, it is necessary to explain to the existing participants the peculiarities of the new structure, the composition and content of the benefits, and at the same time stimulate the influx of new OZON status users. The name of the program has to give the participants status and premium qualities, so that they can feel an individual approach and become a part of a limited circle of privileged customers. Therefore, the concept and the slogan – “The customer is our king” have been approved. It is based on key-visual with different customers sitting on the throne wearing the royal crown. The idea of the crown is supported by the logo of the program, specially developed for this concept. As a result, a set of layouts was developed, announcing the restart of the loyalty program, including copywriting and infographics: a promotional page, web banners, a poster, an e-mail for the target audience.