Anna Afinogenova

Anna Afinogenova
CEO and Company’s founder

Anna is a member of the Union of Russian Artists, member of Russia Designers Association. Winner of many awards and diplomas for achievements in the field of packaging design.

Anna Afinogenova holds two university degrees, in prints workshops and in engraving (Moscow State Pedagogical University). She also studied at the High Art School of the United States in Alamo , California.

Her first steps in the field of design, noted by the media – work for the Wall of the World in Washington, USA.

Anna Afinogenova began her professional activity in the advertising and branding sphere in 1999, choosing packaging design as her main focus. During her work in RA TerraLife, RA Lowe Adventa and the graphic studio IDFabrika, she gained a great deal of practical and theoretical experience in the field of branding. She was directly involved in the adaptation of the Nestle brand for the Russian market. Also among her well-known customers are such brands as Wimm Bill Dann, Baltimor, Happy Land, United Confectioners (Объединённые кондитеры), SUN Interbrew (САН ИнБев), Unilever and many more.

In 2005, Anna Afinogenova decided to start her own business and founded Quantum Graphics, the initial specialization of which was consumer branding and packaging design. Art education, the constant craving for self-improvement and development in related areas gave her the opportunity to expand the company’s activities towards other aspects of branding and the launch of new brands.

A distinctive trait of character: the ability to find beauty in any subject, and in the absence of such, to create it.

Anna’s hobbies and interests are also inextricably linked with art; it is graphics and exhibition activities. Among her sports interests are triathlon and cross-country skiing.



Nadezhda Klyueva

Nadezhda Klyueva
Project Director

Nadezhda got her engineering degree in 2005. In 2016, she completed a two-year professional development in the specialty “Brand Strategy” at the High School of Branding.

While studying for her first degree Nadezhda began working in the field of design and became interested in photography. She started her career as a packaging designer on the client side, then she came to a design studio and took up graphic design. Her constant desire to manage projects led her to the account management at the same studio, and later on, to project management at an event-agency and design bureau.

Over time, the passion for photography has turned into a professional activity; Nadezhda worked as a full-time photographer and photo editor in “Yerevan” magazine for two years.

A distinctive trait of character: constant craving for self-improvement and the development of professional and personal skills.

Отличительная черта: постоянная тяга к самосовершенствованию и развитию собственных профессиональных и личностных навыков.

In addition to photography Nadezhda enjoys running, swimming and cross-country skiing. And in 2017 she began to attend directing courses.



Constantine Semenov

Constantine Semenov
Lead Account Manager, Photographer

Constantine got his engineering degree in The Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics.

Since 2007 he has been a reportage photographer with a specialization in corporate and business events.

Expanding his field of action, Constantine became interested in product photography, and in 2012 he was invited to work for Quantum Graphics. Initially – as a photographer for a number of projects, and eventually – for the position of account manager as a permanent staffing unit. At the moment, Constantine is in charge of collaborative work with key customers and continues his work as a photographer for the company.

Distinctive trait of character: a rare symbiosis of creativity and common sense.

In his spare time, Constantin continues to take a great interest in photography.




Each employee in Quantum Graphics is a unique and accomplished person with his own hobbies and interests, and all of them share a craving for self-improvement and the development of their potential in their professional activities.

Our designers, illustrators, copywriters, and visualizers have vast experience, constantly follow current trends in their industry and participate in the creation of new brands that are competitive in the market.

The professionalism of each employee is the key to the company’s success, therefore, the management of Quantum Graphics takes the staff extremely seriously, and works with the best, successful and talented specialists.