Kolomensky BCC

The trademark Moyo Obozhanye includes such products as waffle cakes, marshmallows and deep ribbed waffles. Natural ingredients, good taste, attractive price – all these qualities are successfully combined. We needed to add some character and personality. Quantum Graphics Agency was faced with the task of redesigning the logo and packaging, combining all types of Moyo Obozhanye products under the new concept and developing a creative idea for the brand’s advertising campaign. The new design turned out to be more premium-looking and, at the same time, more feminine and home-made. The design is based on a texture imitating fabric and embroidery. The same idea is transferred through the logo and fonts. Now the brand has got a character – a bird, which is a herald of home warmth and comfort. The concept can be easily adapted to new product lines. In this case, the development of the concept has affected advertising materials. An idea of promotion and a slogan were introduced that reinforced the character of a family, warm and hospitable brand. We “revived” the bird on the posters and it became even more significant eyestopper, which captures the image of the brand in the minds of consumers.