We needed to refresh the design, while maintaining continuity. To strengthen the identity of the brand as a traditional product. Behind the modern image of the brand Meridian there are many of the age-old Russian recipes for salting and pouring fish products, which are seldom used nowadays. To emphasize this, we paid attention to the coastal northern regions of Russia, where the famous herring is being caught and the peculiarities of their folk crafts. We conducted a research, and our attention was drawn to the culture of sewing and decorating household items with ornaments. The restyling was carried out due to a new interpretation of the background and refinement of the grocery zone. We combined several ornaments and received a certain generalizing element of the visual style of the northern peoples, and then adapted it to the design. Thus, through the packaging, it was possible to demonstrate the old-time taste in a modern way. The food collages slightly changed compositionally, but were completely re-shot and retouched, which made the packaging even more attractive.