A solution for the brand Selo Zelenoe from the Quantum Graphics.

The most important thing in life is the warmth given by our loved ones.

It is based on the warmth of the hands and some everyday scenes from life.

At the initial stage of cooperation, Quantum Graphics agency worked out a series of outdoor advertising layouts and a corporate calendar design. The slogans were provided by the client and are a follow-up of the 2018 TV advertising campaign. For each model, a sketch composition was approved and a photoshoot was carried out.

Each element of the composition was photographed separately to be able to assemble layouts of different formats.We also shot animated TV commercials.

Due to the fact that after a successful entry into the market, the portfolio of the Selo Zelenoe brand was constantly expanding and by 2019 amounted to more than 200 SKUs in 20 product categories, an additional task arose to develop a catalog that would include the entire range of products.

 To do this, it was required to develop an idea and style in accordance with the style and character of the brand, conduct an image photoshoot for the short titles, shoot all the brand’s products and make up the final catalog. For the cover, we chose a composition previously created for a corporate calendar. It formed the basis of the stylistic solution that we managed to develop in the process of photography for short titles. For each product section, we developed a still life sketch of male/female hands interacting with the product.

It was necessary to show home stories in a modern way, but not in a European style, since this does not correspond with the character of the brand. The technical information was laid out in a table format, without infographics. The additional accents were set by the icons “New”, “Bestseller”, “Made with fresh milk”, etc. As a result, the client, along with the catalog, received an additional sales promotion tool that emphasizes brand positioning.

Nadezhda Klyueva (Project Director of the Quantum Graphics Agency):
The high-quality and full embodiment of the idea with the hands was achieved not only with the help of the skill of the photographer, but also through the careful selection of attributes and the casting of models for the photoshoot.
The client’s well-planned actions to deliver the freshest products necessary for the photo sessions on time were also extremely important.
Anna Afinogenova (General Director of the Quantum Graphics branding agency):
The design for Selo Zelenoe, developed by Quantum Graphics, fully meets the client’s requirements and solves the brand’s tasks.
This solution is the most optimal, ergonomic and progressive, as it integrates a calendar previously developed for the client, and also awakens bright feelings through the image of human hands, allows us to show everyday scenes of making and consuming natural products for the whole family
After all, delicious bread is, first ofall, taking care of those we love
And the brand Selo Zelenoe not only conveys this idea in its marketing materials, but every day proves it with the quality and taste of its products.
At the same time, it should be said that the project maintains an atmosphere of environmental friendliness, unity and inextricable connection with nature, which is the basis of the philosophy of the Selo Zelenoe brand.