After the imposition of sanctions, the Russian dairy market has changed a lot, especially in the premium segment. The consumer used to associate the European origin of the product with high quality, production control and naturalness. The market has partially instilled similar associations to domestic products, largely due to the popularization of farming in this country. While developing a new brand for the Bryansk region market in the low-premium segment, we sought to combine the age-old Russian “lineage” of the product and the perception of high quality. The naming is based on a village color and appeals to pleasant memories of rural life. The design concept is Kraft stylized, and the story is amplified by the illustrations of village scenes in an engraving style, developed for each of the product categories. As a result, we have created a design of 25 SKU for the lines of milk, cottage cheese, butter, curd mass, sour cream, kefir and ryazhenka.

P.S. Maslovka is a real village in the Karachevsky district of the Bryansk region, where milk is being produced.