Biotiful Dairy Ltd.

We have developed a brand of natural products based on kefir culture. And helped to introduce the brand into the top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe. Thanks to the design communicating the uniqueness of the product, there has been a significant increase in sales. Our agency and the manufacturer see a great potential in further cooperation, and continue it with a success. We have recently introduced a new product to the market: a line of coffee drinks based on kefir in two flavors. A delicate creamy latte and a more intense and bright mocha with hints of chocolate. The product with a new original recipe has formed its own market niche. We proposed a design for this innovative product within a given stylistic concept. We made it in the colors traditional for coffee and complemented it with a signature heart pattern made of delicate foam. All this communicates the taste, aroma and a special atmosphere that coffee creates, while helping the consumer to adhere to a healthy diet. The product will not only present a unique consumer experience, but also delight you with stylish and attractive packaging.