Kolomensky BCC

Kulich – a product that actually can be found on store shelves only several days a year. The selection of the cake is often emotional, so packaging plays a crucial role as a “driver” of purchase.  And for the premium Easter cake, this is especially true. Our main task was to create a unique package corresponding to the high price segment. At first, Kolomensky BCC, together with Quantum Graphics, chose the packaging design in the form of a wide tube. The next step was the concept. The experimental focus of the project and the absence of restrictions imposed by brand books and guidelines provided us with an excellent field of creativity. We proposed many interesting creative solutions, one of which turned into an approved design. The concept concisely conveys the main emotional components of Easter – the sensations of spring and holiday.

That design was chosen by the European company Hubergroup among the companies of EPDA participants for the annual calendar of the best packaging.