The development of the logo and the design concept for the loyalty program. The development of the loyalty program promotion concept. The creation of a complex of layouts.  The development of a brand book for the loyalty program. Dixy continues to strengthen its identity as a neighborhood family store. Therefore, it was logical to create a loyalty program, dubbed “D-Key” – a pass to the world of Dixy, which grants the key holder with access to personal bonuses, discounts and special offers. The logo was a concise reflection of the essence of the program – an outline drawing of the key with the use of the corporate color and the Dixy font. We began to develop the logo, making it the basis of the identity of the loyalty program. The vertical orientation of the key turns it into an imitation of a keyhole. It was successfully used in advertising posters, looking at which, the customer seemed to look into the tempting world of profitable Dixy’s offers. In the course of the project, a large number of layouts were developed, the principles of which formed the basis of the brand book.