Mega Farm

Quantum Graphics branding agency has developed a logo and corporate style constants for the Da, zdorov network of pharmacies. The logo, using the shape of the heart, resembles a human silhouette and symbolizes good health. This sign was also used in the design of retail space and visual communications. As a result, we have developed a complex of layouts for the design of facades and trade equipment, layouts of visual communications and corporate media of corporate identity, as well as a brand book describing the rules and standards for outlets for effective retail network scaling. SIA INTERNATIONAL places Da, zdorov pharmacies in X5 Retail Group stores for middle-income consumers.   The retail units are located mainly in the checkout area of X5 chain stores (Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, and Karusel), as well as in the trading halls of Pyaterochka supermarkets (shop-in-shop format).