WAKE UP 24/7


The concept is presented in 3 products: aroma packaging, coffee dispenser (for coffee machines) and paper carrying bag for 3 cups. The theme of the concept is “Awakening of the senses”. With the help of interactive aroma packaging, we tell the story of the awakening of the charming heroine: when the packaging is closed, the girl sleeps and her eyes are closed; but if you open the lid of the packaging, the girl wakes up, attracted by the scent of her favorite drink.

The design of the coffee dispenser supports the theme of awakening. Here the main “hero” is a “winged” aroma of a coffee cup surrounded by coffee accessories.  When developing the design, Quantum Graphics branding agency paid special attention to the design features and advantages of the products: reusable and conveniently opening aroma packaging lid, dispenser “windows”, openings for cups in the carrying bag, etc. The sensible arrangement of the elements of the illustration attracts attention, favorably emphasizes these structural elements, and explains their function for the consumer.

Interpack Exhibition takes place once every 3 years in Germany.  It brings together packaging manufacturers, suppliers of equipment and materials as well as designers from around the world and determines the trends in the development of the packaging industry over the next few years.