The design was developed by the agency specifically for participation in the exhibition as part of the European Association of Branding Agencies (EPDA). A unique design solution is provided by the German packaging manufacturer STI.

The concept is presented in 3 products: aroma packaging, coffee dispenser (for coffee machines) and paper carrying bag for 3 cups.

Our coffee fills you with inspiration any day and hour – this is the idea of the second design concept, presented in the form of scenes with funny characters, which the agency has specially developed for this task. There are seven characters, like days in a week. We show them in curious situations where their thoughts and deeds are related to coffee. A distinctive feature of both design concepts is that the subjects are “inscribed” into the surface of the package, they “live” and “develop” on it. Such an approach should interest the potential customer, emotionally bring it closer to the brand, cause a state of anticipation of the use of the product.

The line is made in the technique of man-made author’s graphics; we used a minimum number of colors while printing it. All this makes the design simple and natural, consumer friendly.


Advertising Festival “Popok”. Third place

Advertisind Festival «Red Apple». Third place

Advertising festival «Idea!». Shortlist