Shake Up

Quantum Graphics has become energized with Shake up and created a catalog and a menu for a chain of fresh bars in Moscow.

Real explosive pop art and fresh fruit.

Quantum Graphics branding agency has developed a catalog and a menu for the “Shake Up” chain of fresh bars. The target audience is young people who are passionate about the taste and benefits of natural smoothies, active and ready for new adventures and discoveries. Now every resident of the city can charge up with a positive vibe and energy, breathing a joyful mood into his day!

 Anna Afinogenova (General Director and Founder of the Quantum Graphics branding agency): This is an absolutely childish experience of the product.  The whole studio was delighted with the colors, tastes and variations. It was a great moment when everyone liked their mix and in the end everyone was happy. Based on that, we have developed a menu and a product catalog, full of cheerful mood and vigor. Images of happy people, a variety of vibrant colors and a stunning assortment. We delivered the main message of the brand: do you love life? Do you like being energetic? Do you feel the joy of communication? Then, you come to us! You are welcome! 

Nadezhda Klyueva (Project Director of the Quantum Graphics Agency):

We were glad to immerse ourselves into the atmosphere of optimism and share these values with the customer. It was nice that our long-term cooperation continued with such a bright project.

A modern style and an abundance of color; dynamics, conveyed through the minimalistic compositions of materials, represent the core values of the brand: absolute variety and customization, naturalness, the value of communication and rich flavor. Each client will find his ideal combination and feel all the healthiness and joy of fresh smoothies.